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MYK & 重田みゆき
​亜細亜大学 経営学部


As an experienced international cabin attendant at JAL, she has travelled more than 60 chief cities around the world. Her warm hospitality touched many people’s hearts but regrettably retires due to her health. After recovering, with the support from people longing her to return to the sky she manages to return as a CA at JAL ways. Her performance towards service was received with satisfaction from customers and as a result, achieved “Good Performance Awards” and many other awards given only to outstanding performances.

Since then she has lectured at various universities and technical colleges. After CA, her career took a turn and she worked in a famous hotel in Tokyo where she became a VIP Club Lounge manager from a part-time cleaner in less than a month.
Her exceptional accomplishments at the hotel enabled her to be promoted to an executive manager in a year and half.

Currently as the only Impression Trainer in Japan, she advises politicians and board of directors. The need for her advice is increasing drastically.

From 2008, she has been lecturing “Hospitality and Tourism Management” course in Asia University as a part-time teacher. From 2009, she has started impression training in New York USA and Mongolia where she trains at leading companies.

“Chosen in 1/2 a second!” Bestseller at Maruzen Bookstore weekly ranking (2008.11)
Her second book is due to be published winter 2009.

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